Once you find out what Red Bull energy drinks can do to your body, you’ll never touch one again. These types of energy drinks are commonly used to help boost energy in the afternoon or even students use them to pull all-nighters for studying. Red Bull is just one of these popular brands and has been shown to increase the possibility of a heart attack or stroke.

What Red Bull Does Really…

Blood can become sticky and cause strokes or a variety of other cardiovascular issues when you consume energy drinks. After just an hour after drinking a Red Bull will give you a system that is so abnormal that it’s comparable to that of someone with cardiovascular diseases.

Red Bull simply states their drink is just like drinking a cup of coffee or soda. While you might have the same effects like you would with caffeine, the reaction speed increases and energy comes from the sugar and artificial sweeteners.

However, while people have a general idea of what coffee does to the body, no one is really sure what exactly is going on when all of the other active ingredients in Red Bull react with caffeine and what it does internally.

Energy drinks are primarily composed of aspartame. This ingredient alone acts has properties that are fetal, allergenic, metabolic, neurotoxic, and carcinogenic. When you add this to the effects similar to when you have a crash and experience lethargy like you do shortly after having a soda, you’ll soon become addicted and crave these dangerous energy drinks throughout the day.redbull

Energy Drinks are Banned in Other Countries

Approximately 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull energy drink was sold in 143 countries in 2014. However, people keep questioning the safety of it and other energy drinks. These energy-seeking addicts can die. Unfortunately, energy drink sales have also outnumbered the sale of bottled water.

Since energy drinks can be found in almost any supermarket, especially in an increased rate over the most recent years, instead, some countries have decided they aren’t going to allow consumers to be susceptible to the dangerous effects energy drinks may have.

Health risks of Red Bull have all been identified in Uruguay, Denmark, and Norway. These countries have all banned it. It is considered illegal for anyone under 16 years old to have Red Bull in Kuwait. This comes after two players of the national squash team had fatal heart attacks after consuming energy drinks.

People Who Are at Highest Risk

Impaired blood vessel functioning and an increased risk of blood clots are just two possible effects from drinking energy drinks. If you suffer from blood clotting disorders, caffeine sensitivity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, high stress or anxiety, you are at high risk for strokes. Any woman who is pregnant or lactating must avoid these drinks.

Instead, Improve Energy the Natural Way

Simply eating right can help boost energy. Increase the consumption of foods that have omega-3 fats in them. Eliminating sugars and grains in your diet can also have longer lasting positive impacts on energy levels. Try to manage your stress level and start exercising regularly. This will help you to kick dangerous energy drinks to the curb.