The year 2014 will be remembered as one of those who left behind a number of unresolved issues, some of which we will introduce below.

The Skull on Mars

Giant rocks found on Mars could be the skull of an ancient, giant creature, maybe the remains of the former inhabitants of the planet.

However, some speculate that it is a human ancestors that are not necessarily descended from Mars, but lived there. Ultimately, human mythology is full with stories of giants, and may once find out the true relationship with them.

UFO Over The Statue of Liberty

The scene filmed in New York is still a mystery, and the recordings that ended on the internet show a dark object flying over the famous monument. Is it an alien visitor?

It remains an unresolved mystery for 2014.

Where does the water come from?

 water come from

Scientists have long hoped that studying comets they will find out the origin of water on Earth. However, research has shown that comets contain a lot more deuterium, which suggests that the water in comets has a different source than the one on Earth. So the question remains, where did the water on Earth come from?

The New Zealand Monster

new zeland monster

Another mystery that remains unanswered is the groove formed in the Gulf of New Zealand, which is assumed to be the result of local monsters. The line that is visible from space has not yet been explained.

Flight 370

flight 370

Flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines has not yet been found, and his fate is still a mystery that we may never figure out. This is particularly disturbing for those whose friends and family members just disappeared from the face of the Earth. If we have to choose at least one mystery to be solved in 2015, then this is certainly a priority.